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CPUC Council Members, Fall 2018

+ denotes member of the CPUC Executive Committee

+Christopher L. Eisgruber, President, Chair

Faculty Members

Nathalie de Leon, Electrical Engineering
+Adam Finkelstein, Computer Science
Elizabeth Harman, Philosophy, UCHV
Hendrik Hartog, History
+Brian Herrera, Lewis Center/Theater
+Michael Laffan, History
Casey Lew-Williams, Psychology
 A James Link, Chemical & Biological Engineering
Simone Marchesi, French & Italian
Julia Mikhailova, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
+Eve Ostriker, Astrophysical Sciences
Gabriel Vecchi, Geosciences/PEI
Janet Vertesi, Sociology
Mark Watson, Economics, Woodrow Wilson School
Tamsen Wolff, English

Graduate Student Members

Jonathan Balkind, Computer Science
Ambra Casonato, Music
Christopher Hale, Population Research
Sarah Hutter, Psychology
Akshay Mehra, Geosciences
+Mai Nguyen, Psychology
+Andrew Wilson, Psychology

Undergraduate Student Members

Matthew Bomparola ’21
Morgan Carmen ’21
Isabella Faccone ’21
Rachel Hazan ’21
Aditya Shah ’21
+Yousef Elzalabany ’20
Nate Lambert ’20
+Ben Press ’20
Katya Vera ’20
Nancy Wenger ’19
+Rachel Yee ’19
Wendy Zhao ’19

Administration/Staff Members

+W. Rochelle Calhoun, Vice President for Campus Life
Robert K. Durkee, Vice President & Secretary
Jennifer Klumpp, University Library [library, research and tech staff]
Sarah-Jane Leslie, Dean of the Graduate School
John Hans Martini, Facilities, Operations [maintenance and service staffs]
+Deborah Prentice, Provost
Ramona Romero, General Counsel
+Crystal Sada, office support, Rockefeller College [office staff]
Mellisa Thompson, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (Administrative Representative)

Staff Alternates

Jean Durbin, Office of Finance and Treasury, Procurement Services

Professional Technical and Professional Specialists

Derek Lidow, Entrepreneurship Specialist and Lecturer, Electrical Engineering and the Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education
Anne Morel-Kraepiel, Research Scholar, Chemistry, Lecturer in Geosciences

Alumni Members

+Marc Brahaney '77 *86 P19
Anne Tressor Capra '76
Cecilia De la Rosa Pulaski '90
Anne Lester Trevisan '86 P21

Secretary to the Council

Christine Gage, Associate Secretary, Office of the Vice President and Secretary