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CPUC Council Members, Spring 2023

+ denotes member of the CPUC Executive Committee

+Christopher L. Eisgruber, President, Chair

Faculty Members

+Caroline Cheung, Classics
Paul Chirik, Chemistry
+Sujit Datta, Chemical & Biological Engineering
+Danelle Devenport, Molecular Biology
Reena Goldthree, African American Studies
Marcus Hultmark, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
+Shamus Khan, Sociology/American Studies
+Mariangela Lisanti, Pysics
Simone Marchesi, French & Italian
+Rosina Lozano, History
Laurence Ralph, Anthropology
Kristopher Ramsay, Politics
Mete Soner, Operations Research & Financial Engineering
Diana Tamir, Psychology
Tamsen Wolff, English
Gerard Wysocki, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Graduate Student Members

Sarah Bard, Chemistry
Glen Chua, Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
Dev Dabke, Program in Applied & Computational Mathematics
+Jeron Fenton, Politics
Andrew Finn, English
Camila Llerena-Olivera, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Faiza Masood, Religion

Undergraduate Student Members

Amanda Branom '25
Med Coulibaly '25
+Stephen Daniels '24
Samiksha Gaherwar '26
+Dillion Gallagher '23
Judah Guggenheim '25
Afzal Hussain '25
Madison Linton '24
Riley Martinez '23
Daniel Shaw '25
Genevieve Shutt '26
+Aishwarya Swamidurai '26

Administration/Staff Members
Jonathan Andersen, Senior DDC Technician, Control Shop, Facilities Operations [maintenance and service staff]
Nancy Bauman, Special Collections Assistant III, East Asian Library and Gest Collection, Princeton University Library [library, research and technical staff]
+W. Rochelle Calhoun, Vice President for Campus Life
Rebecca Graves-Bayazitoglu, Senior Associate Dean, Office of International Programs [administrative staff representative]
Gene Jarrett, Dean of the Faculty
Mitra Kelly, Academic Support III, Computer Science [office staff representative]
Hilary Parker, Vice President & Secretary
+Deborah Prentice, Provost
Ramona Romero, Vice President and General Counsel

Staff Alternates

Karen Mitchell, Faculty Assistant, Politics [office staff]
Julie Yun, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, School of Engineering & Applied Science [administrative staff]

Professional Technical and Professional Specialists

Jason L. Puchalla, Senior Professional Specialist, Physics.  Lecturer in Physics [Professional specialist staff]
Nan Yao, Senior Research Scholar, Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials. Director, Imaging and Analysis Center [Professional research staff]

Alumni Members

Jason Gold '81
Susan Katzmann Horner '86
Alleda Mack '99
Jasmine Ueng-McHale '97

Secretary to the Council

Christine Gage, Associate Secretary, Office of the President