Monday, November 14, 2016

Nov 14, 2016, 4:30 pm4:30 pm
101 Friend Center (on William Street)


Event Description
  • Minutes 
  • Approval of minutes from September 26 
  • Question and answer period.   [15 minutes] 
  • Report from the CPUC special Committee on Naming.  Angela Creager, Chair, Professor of History. [10 minutes] 
  • Discussion about the results of the 2016 survey   "We Speak: Attitudes on Sexual Misconduct at Princeton."   Please see homepage article. Regan Crotty, Title IX Administrator; introduction of Professor Nicole Shelton, new co-chair of the Sexual Misconduct Committee.  [20 minutes] 
  • Report on the survey regarding dining/meal plans being conducted by the Board Plan Review Committee.   Oliver Avens, dean, Rockefeller College; Smitha Haneef, executive director, campus dining. [10 minutes]
  • Discussion with Aleks Czulak, Undergraduate Student Government President, and Mircea Davidescu, Graduate Student Government President, and about student governments’ agendas for the year.   The GSG report includes a presentation by Akil Word-Daniels about the GSG Graduate Housing Project. [30 minutes]