Standing Committees

CPUC Standing/Special Committee Members, 2018-19 

CPUC Executive Committee, Spring 2019

Prof. Adam Finkelstein, Computer Science
Prof. Brian Herrera, Lewis Center/Theater
Prof. Michael Laffan, History
Prof. Stephen Macedo, Politics/UCHV
Prof. Joshua Shaevitz, Physics/Lewis-Sigler Institute
Prof. Eve Ostriker, Astrophysics
Provost Deborah Prentice (chair)
Crystal Sada, office staff representative
Mai Nguyen, Graduate Student, Psychology
Andrew Wilson, Graduate Student, Psychology
Marc Brahaney '77 *86
Yousef Elzalabany ’20
Ben Press ’19
Zarnab Virk '20

Sits with the committee
Rochelle Calhoun, Vice President for Campus Life
Christine Gage secretary to the CPUC

Priorities Committee

For information, visit this website.

Provost Deborah Prentice, chair
Kenneth Molinaro, Interim Vice President of Finance and Treasurer
Treby Williams, Executive Vice President
Sanjeev Kulkarni, Dean of the Faculty
Prof. Mitchell Duneier, Sociology
Prof. Andrea Graham, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Prof. Matthew Karp, History
Prof. Michael Mueller, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Prof. Markus Prior, Woodrow Wilson School
Zoe Chazen ’19
Ashley Scott ’21
Samuel Vilchez Santiago ’19
Kat Powell ’20
Jonathan Balkind, Graduate Student, Computer Science
Jamie Sanchez, Jr., Graduate Student, History
Caasi Love, Facilities
Sits with the committee: 
      Richard Meyers, Office of the Provost
      Steve Semenuk, Associate Budget Director 

Governance Committee

President Christopher Eisgruber, chair
Prof. Eduardo Cadava, English
Prof. Naomi Leonard, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Nicole Shelton, Psychology and Head of Butler College
Sarah Hutter, Graduate Student, Psychology
Simone Downs '20
Jamie Mercurio '20
Mellisa Thompson, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students

[The committee is part of the Trustee Committee on Honorary Degrees]

Judicial Committee

Prof. Charles Beitz, UCHV, Acting Chair
Prof. Leora Batnitzky, Religion
Prof. Mark Braverman, Computer Science
Prof. Gabriela Nouzeilles, Spanish & Program in Latin American Studies
Akshay Mehra, Graduate Student, Geosciences
Irene Hsu '20
Brandon Dunlevy '21
Jonathan LeBouef, Registrar's Office

Resources Committee

For information, visit this website.

Blair Schoene, Associate Professor of Geosciences (Chair)
Michael Littman, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Robert Durkee, Vice President & Secretary
Janet Finnie, Director, University Health Services
Ambra Casonato, GS
Michaela Daniel '21
Kenneth Oku '21
Sits with the Committee
 Cecily Swanson, Director of Studies, Mathey College
 Susan Ciniglio, PRINCO
 Brandon Gaines, Office of Finance and Treasury

Rights and Rules Committee

Prof. Christopher Chyba, Astrophysical Sciences & Public Affairs, Chair
Prof. Margot Canaday, History
Prof. Harriet Flower, Classics
Sanjeev Kulkarni, Dean of the Faculty
Kathleen Deignan, Dean of Undergraduate Students
Alain St. Pierre, University Library
Christopher Hale, Graduate Student, Population Research
Patrycja Pajdak '20
Nathaniel Shields '21
Caleb Visser '20

A University Counsel and a member of the Office of Public Safety may meet with the committee as necessary but are without vote.

Special Committee on Naming

Prof. Angela Creager, History (chair)
Prof. Stephen Macedo, Politics, Center for Human Values
Prof. Alejandro Rodriguez, Electrical Engineering
Prof. Stacey Sinclair, Psychology, African American Studies
Mr. Jonathan Aguirre GS
Mr. Devin Kilpatrick '19
Sophia Paredes '20
Ms. Romy Riddick, ass't VP, Human Resources
Mr. Osbourne Shaw '97, alumnus
Mr. Robert Durkee
Sits with the Committee: Mr. Kevin Heaney, Vice President for Advancement