Standing Committees

CPUC Standing/Special Committee Members, 2023-2024

CPUC Executive Committee

Prof. Caroline Cheung, Classics
Prof. Danelle Devenport, Molecular Biology
Prof. Barbara Nagel, German
Prof. Laurence Ralph, Anthropology
Provost Jen Rexford, Chair
Prof. Alejandro Rodriguez, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Prof. Matt Weinberg, Computer Science 
Anna Jacobson, Graduate Student, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
Michael May, Graduate Student, Astrophysical Sciences, Plasma Physics Laboratory
Avi Attar '25
Daniel Shaw '25
Aishwarya Swamidurai '26
Jason Gold '81
Nancy Baumann, Special Collections Assistant, Princeton University Library
Sits with the committee
     Rochelle Calhoun, Vice President for Campus Life
     Christine Gage, Secretary to the CPUC

Priorities Committee

For information, visit this website.

Provost Jen Rexford, chair
Katie Callow-Wright, Executive Vice President
Gene Jarrett, Dean of the Faculty
Jim Matteo, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Prof. Kelsey Hatzell, Mechanical & Aeorospace Engineering
Prof. Brook Holmes, PRofessor of Classics
Prof. Tania Lombrozo, Psychology
Prof. Laurence Ralph, Professor of Anthropology
Prof. Stacey Sinclair, Psychology & Public Affairs
Prof. Jared Toettcher, Molecular Biology
Cecily Swanson, Associate Dean for Academic Advising
Glen Chua, Graduate Student
Haneen Khalid, Graduate Student
Noah Luch '24
Sydney Johnson '24
Adam Sanders '25
Elise Kratzer '24

Sits with the committee: 

     Steve Semenuk, Assistant Vice President for Planning, Budget, and Analysis
     Tim Tayler, Associate Provost for Budget Planning

Governance Committee

President Christopher Eisgruber, chair
Mónica Ponce de León, Dean, School of Architecture
Prof. Z. Jason Ren, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Prof. Eve Krakowski, Near Eastern Studies and Program in Judaic Studies.
Sarah Bard, Graduate Student, Chemistry
Shrey Addagatla '24
Jacob Colchamiro '25

[The committee is part of the Trustee Committee on Honorary Degrees]

Judicial Committee

Prof. Sylvia Lavin, Architecture, Chair
Prof. Elizabeth Davis, Anthropology
Prof. John Kastellec, Politics
Prof. Casey Lew-Williams, Psychology
Jonathan LeBouef, Registrar's Office
Richard Zhu, Graduate Student
Aidan Mahoney '25
Morgan McDonald '25

Resources Committee

For information, visit this website.

Prof. Jay Groves, Chemistry, chair
Prof. Christina Lee, Spanish and Portuguese
Prof. Kristopher Ramsay, Politics
David Shlivko, Graduate Student, Physics
Arika Hassan '26
William Oh '27
Jim Matteo, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Janet Finnie, Director, University Health Services
Sits with the Committee
    Jon Erickson, PRINCO
    Brandon Gaines, Office of Finance and Treasury

Rights and Rules Committee

Prof. Jacob Nebel, Philosophy, Chair
Prof. Leah Boustan, Economics
Prof. Harriet Flower, Classics
Gene Jarrett, Dean of the Faculty
Alain St. Pierre, University Library
Camila Llerena-Olivera, Graduate Student, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Neha Agarwal, Graduate Student, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Janny Eng '25
Ridge Jaco '26
Amna Cesic '27

A University Counsel and a member of the Office of Public Safety may meet with the committee as necessary but are without vote.

Committee on Naming

For information, visit this website.

Prof. Beth Lew-Williams, History, Chair
Prof. Alexander Glaser, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Prof. Grigore Pop-Eleches, Politics and International Affairs
Prof. Ismail White, Politics
Okezie Eze '25
Aishwarya Swamidurai '26
Mark Brahaney '77 *86
Michele Minter, Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity
Hilary A. Parker, Vice President & Secretary
Sits with the Committee:
    Kevin Heaney, Vice President for Advancement
    Shawn Maxam, Associate Provost for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
    Nakia White Barr, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Affairs