Standing Committees

CPUC Standing/Special Committee Members, 2021-2022

CPUC Executive Committee

Prof. Craig Arnold, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering/PRISM
Prof. Caroline Cheung, Classics
Prof. Paul Chirik, Chemistry
Prof. Reena Goldthree, African American Studies
Prof. Beatrice Kitzinger, Art & Archaeology
Prof. Alejandro Rodriguez, Electrical Engineering
Provost Deborah Prentice (chair)
Susan Horner '86
Nan Yao [professional research staff representative]
Carli Kovel, GS
Jessica Terekhov GS
Stephen Daniels '24
Riley Martinez '23
Mayu Takeuchi '23
Sits with the committee
  Rochelle Calhoun, Vice President for Campus Life
  Christine Gage,  Secretary to the CPUC

Priorities Committee

For information, visit this website.

Provost Deborah Prentice, chair
Jim Matteo, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Treby Williams, Executive Vice President
Gene Jarrett, Dean of the Faculty
Prof. Chika Okeke-Agulu, Art & Archeology
Prof. Nathalie de Leon, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Prof. Tod Hamilton, Sociology
Prof. Michael Mueller, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Prof. Markus Prior, Politics & Public and International Affairs
Prof. Stacey Sinclair, Psychology & Public Affairs
Austin Davis '23
Ethan Kahn '22
Gwyndolyn (Camille) Reeves '23
Leia Walker '22
Daniel Persia, GS, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Nick Caggiano, GS, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Cecily Swanson, Office of the Dean of the College
Sits with the committee: 
      Lisa Baratta, Associate Provost for Budget Planning
      Steve Semenuk, Associate Budget Director 

Governance Committee

President Christopher Eisgruber, chair
Prof. Frances Lee, Politics
Mónica Ponce de León, Dean, School of Architecture
Prof. Richard Register, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Kezia Dickson '23
Ashwin Mahadevan '22
Dennis Schäfer, Graduate Student, Department of Germany
[The committee is part of the Trustee Committee on Honorary Degrees]

Judicial Committee

Prof. Leora Batnitzky, Religion, chair
Prof. Mark Braverman, Computer Science
Prof. Sylvia Lavin, Architecture
Prof. Gabriela Nouzeilles, Spanish & Program in Latin American Studies
Dev Dabke, Graduate Student, Applied and Computational Mathematics
Jonathan LeBouef, Registrar's Office

Resources Committee

For information, visit this website.

Prof. Jay Groves, Chemistry, chair
Prof. Christina Lee, Spanish and Portuguese
Prof. Blair Schoene, Geosciences
Glen Chua, Graduate Student, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Hannah Kapoor '23
Anna Sivaraj '23
Jim Matteo, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Janet Finnie, Director, University Health Services
Sits with the Committee
  Jon Erickson, PRINCO
  Brandon Gaines, Office of Finance and Treasury

Rights and Rules Committee

Prof. Margot Canaday, History
Prof. Harriet Flower, Classics
Gene Jarrett, Dean of the Faculty
Kathleen Deignan, Dean of Undergraduate Students
Alain St. Pierre, University Library
Christopher Hale, Graduate Student, Population Research
Kate Liu '23
Mayowa Oke '22

A University Counsel and a member of the Office of Public Safety may meet with the committee as necessary but are without vote.

Special Committee on Naming

Prof. Beth Lew-Williams, History (Chair)
Prof. Marshall Brown, Architecture
Prof. Grigore Pop-Eleches, Politics and International Affairs
Prof. Stacey Sinclair, Psychology and Public Affairs
Juan Jose Lopez Haddad '22
Kanishkh Kanodia '23
Mark Brahaney '77 *86
Renita Miller, Associate Dean for Access, Diversity & Inclusion, The Graduate School
Hilary A. Parker, Vice President & Secretary
Sits with the Committee:
  Kevin Heaney, Vice President for Advancement
  Shawn Maxam, Associate Provost for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
  Michele Minter, Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity