Council of the Princeton University Community


About the CPUC

In May 1969, a Special Committee on the Structure of the University, chaired by Professor Stanley Kelley Jr., proposed the establishment of a Council of the Princeton University Community as “a permanent conference of the representatives of all major groups of the University” where “they could each raise problems that concern them and … be exposed to each other’s views.” Meetings occur usually 6 times a year.  Council membership includes faculty, students, staff and alumni representatives, but meetings are open to all in the University community (contact the Council's secretary, Christine Gage ([email protected]), if you would like to receive meeting notices).

Other References

Charter of the CPUC as of September 2022

Task Force on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In December of 2014 President Eisgruber charged the Executive committee of the CPUC to “to develop recommendations for improving the University's policies and practices regarding diversity, inclusion and equity on campus.“

A Special Task Force on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was established in December 2014 and delivered the following report in May of 2015.  The committee provided an update to the original report in May of 2016.  Additional information on Princeton's efforts around Diversity and Inclusion can be found at the following link.


Suggestions Welcome!

The Council's Executive Committee has responsibility for setting meeting agendas.  The committee welcomes your suggestions. 

If you have suggestions, please send them to:

Christine Gage
Secretary of the Council
[email protected]